The Benefits of Using a “Brew Your Own Beer” Kit

The Benefits of Using a “Brew Your Own Beer” Kit

For those who love beer, getting into brewing is the ultimate way to take the hobby to the next level. Brewing your own beer may seem as if it might be exceedingly difficult, but the fact is that brewing beer is actually rather easy, not to mention enjoyable. The following are just a few reasons why one might want to use a “brew your own beer” kit to make beer at home.

Brewing Beer is Enjoyable

One of the main reasons to get into brewing beer at home is that the process is actually very enjoyable. The brewing process allows you to completely control the way your beer comes out, giving you the opportunity to use a variety of different malts and hops and adjust their measurements to your liking. Brewing beer is especially enjoyable for those who have an interest in science, making a “brew your own beer” kit a fantastic gift for the science lover in your family.

Brewing Beer Can Save You Money

Many people spend quite a bit of money on beer throughout a given year. Another reason why brewing your own beer can be a very wise move is because you can actually save quite a bit of money in comparison to purchasing commercially made beer. Depending upon the type of beer you brew, it’s often possible to brew a batch for as little as $0.30 per bottle; a far cry from what it costs to purchase beer at the store. In addition, buying bulk ingredients can help you to save even more money, allowing you to drink beer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it commercially.

Brewing Beer is Educational

The world of beer is made up of a variety of different styles, each of which has its own unique origins. Many people don’t realise that beer is just as deep of a subject as wine, and is more than worth exploring. Brewing your own beer allows you to become intimately connected with the history and origins of craft brewing, making it an extremely educational experience for anyone who is interested in learning more about this magnificent beverage. If you are especially interested in the process of brewing beer, there are a variety of educational resources on the market that can not only help you to become a better brewer, but can be very interesting to read. For more information, consult your local library or do a search online.


Brew at Home, Make Some Foam

Brew at Home, Make Some Foam


Make Your Own Beer Kit

Home brewing your own beer has grown in popularity over the last decade. Since the advent of microbreweries, home brewing has become a very enjoyable pastime for beer enthusiasts and budding brewmeisters. Before you get to sample that first batch, you need a beer making kit that allows you to begin the home brewing process. Website aims to make this process as easy as opening a bottle of your favourite ale.

Tubs and Hoses

No kit is complete without large, plastic buckets. These are the common #5 size, but they need to be new and clean to prevent the brew and yeast from becoming contaminated. has a full assortment of home brew tubs and buckets. Make sure one of the buckets has a bottom tap built in, so you can drain and sample without opening the top and placing the contents at risk.

A set of brewing hose is needed to help transfer the brew to other tubs and bottles via siphoning. Siphon kits or home brewing are a needed part of the kit.

Capping Machine

To place the beer into the bottles and keep it fresh, the bottles need to be capped. We all know how to open a beer bottle (our favourite part!) but not many know how to cap them. A capping machine places the necessary pressure around the caps to tighten them onto the bottles. You need a large amount of caps as well as the machine.

Before the bottles get filled with the brew, they need to be washed and sterilised, requiring funnels and a special brew bottle-bleach.

Yeast and Flavour Kits

Kits are great but without the “magic ingredients” they are nothing but a collection of hardware. Yeast and flavour kits come in porters, ales, lagers and stouts. You can choose whatever your tastes go to. offers a range of yeast and flavour kits for all tastes. The yeast gets placed into the tub along with water and the flavor kit to percolate and brew, resulting in the tasty, tasty beer!


You are going to need a hydrometer, thermometer, sanitiser and siphon cane with anti-sediment tip to work the brew during the fermenting process. puts them all together for yo, or you can select each tool for your specifications. offers individual tools, or puts them all into kits to get you going on the way to brewing in no time at all.

The Top 5 Beer Making Kits

The Top 5 Beer Making Kits


If you have been thinking about brewing your own beer there are a few things to consider before you run out and buy a kit. Take a look at the top five brew kits before you pull out your credit card.


#1 Mr. Beer 20629 Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer Making Kit


Mr. Beer has been making brew kits for years but this has become a favorite among ale drinkers, and if you are a beginner this kit is for you. It includes a two gallon fermenting tank and eight 1-liter reusable bottles that come with caps and labels. You will also receive a thermometer, a couple of pint glasses and a sugar measure. It even comes with a t-shirt and baseball cap.


#2 Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy


If you have brewing your own beer for awhile now, you might want to take your skills to the next level with the Gold Homebrew kit. Not only does it include the handbook and instructions, but it also comes with a 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket, a rack and fill kit, a bottling spigot, an Emily double lever capper, a three piece airlock, an eight pack C-Brite sanitizer and a bottle brush. This kit will give you value for money and produces an excellent brew that your friends and family will be talking about for quite some time.


#3 Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System


If you have always wanted to own your own Microbrewery you will be well on your way with Mr. Beer. Once again the leader in beer kits has come up with a great recipe for making tasty micro brews in the privacy of your own home. It comes with a brew kit, PET bottles, a tasty west coast pale ale beer mix, a booster pack, a one step cleanser and the all important guide to help you brew the best home-made beer in town.


#4 Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit


Start brewing dark ale that hales from Australia’s only home owned brewery. You will love the rich nutty flavor that comes from this easy to use kit. Everything you need to brew rich dark ale is included. Detailed instructions along with a DVD will give you the secrets to becoming a professional brew meister. You will also get the PET bottles and everything you need to make your first batch.


#5 Superior Home-Brew Beer Making Equipment Kit


Get some strange brew with the superior home-brew kit. Not only do you get a 7.8 fermenting bucket with a great lid, but it also comes with a spigot, a 5 gallon glass carboy and a stopper. You beer will be fresh with the airlock and you can be sure that it will taste great because it also comes complete with a hydrometer and a thermometer.

Beer Brewing Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

Home brewers need not have the fanciest or most expensive equipment in order to produce beer that is of top quality. However the myriad of products available online and at specialty distributor’s retail outlets may confuse beginners. Amazon and other e-stores usually stock a number of complete kits ranging in price and complexity, but those who are just getting started as home brewers should learn the basics of beer making and the essential supplies before they overspend.

Basic Equipment For Home Beer Making


When shopping online for products, consumers will see that the basic kits contain several specialized items that are not often found at the neighbourhood hardware store. Many of these brewing supplies are very affordable, and even a small kit will suffice to produce about five gallons of brew at a time.The Brewing Vessel — Because of the use of hops, malted barley extract and yeast, the pail chosen should be about 15 percent larger than the amount of beer being made. Brewing works best when the pail is not completely full but has room at the top for escaping gases during fermentation. A 7-gallon polyethylene bucket will work fine, but be sure to order one that has a hole at the top for the fermentation lock.

Saccharometer And Fermentation Cap — A complete home brewing kit will contain these, but if the home beer maker wishes to build a kit from scratch, ordering one of each is necessary. The fermentation cap allows for the escape of carbon dioxide during fermentation, but does not allow outside air to get in. The saccharometer is a special tool that measures the sugar content of liquids; the sugar level indicated after the water, sugar and malt extract are mixed together is approximately twice the resulting alcohol content. If bought separately, make sure the cap will fit the hole on the brewing vessel; this connection must be airtight.

Siphon Hose And Relief Vessel — As long as it is sanitised a clear plastic tube will work fine; again these are often included in a store bought kit, but if purchased separately it should be long enough to reach well below the level of the brewing vessel. Siphoning will not work unless the vessel is above the level of the relief container, which can be made of the same material and should also be at least 7 gallons in volume. The relief vessel should also have a tight-fitting lid that will accept the fermentation cap.

Thermometer — If not included in a complete kit, beginners should purchase one that reads accurately above the boiling point of water. High temperature thermometers will be clearly marked as being safe for use in very high temperature liquids.

With these simple tools, the beginner is now ready to produce his or her first batch of home brew. All that is needed now is the brewer’s yeast, sugar, water, barley malt extract and the oils from hops.