Brew at Home, Make Some Foam

Brew at Home, Make Some Foam


Make Your Own Beer Kit

Home brewing your own beer has grown in popularity over the last decade. Since the advent of microbreweries, home brewing has become a very enjoyable pastime for beer enthusiasts and budding brewmeisters. Before you get to sample that first batch, you need a beer making kit that allows you to begin the home brewing process. Website aims to make this process as easy as opening a bottle of your favourite ale.

Tubs and Hoses

No kit is complete without large, plastic buckets. These are the common #5 size, but they need to be new and clean to prevent the brew and yeast from becoming contaminated. has a full assortment of home brew tubs and buckets. Make sure one of the buckets has a bottom tap built in, so you can drain and sample without opening the top and placing the contents at risk.

A set of brewing hose is needed to help transfer the brew to other tubs and bottles via siphoning. Siphon kits or home brewing are a needed part of the kit.

Capping Machine

To place the beer into the bottles and keep it fresh, the bottles need to be capped. We all know how to open a beer bottle (our favourite part!) but not many know how to cap them. A capping machine places the necessary pressure around the caps to tighten them onto the bottles. You need a large amount of caps as well as the machine.

Before the bottles get filled with the brew, they need to be washed and sterilised, requiring funnels and a special brew bottle-bleach.

Yeast and Flavour Kits

Kits are great but without the “magic ingredients” they are nothing but a collection of hardware. Yeast and flavour kits come in porters, ales, lagers and stouts. You can choose whatever your tastes go to. offers a range of yeast and flavour kits for all tastes. The yeast gets placed into the tub along with water and the flavor kit to percolate and brew, resulting in the tasty, tasty beer!


You are going to need a hydrometer, thermometer, sanitiser and siphon cane with anti-sediment tip to work the brew during the fermenting process. puts them all together for yo, or you can select each tool for your specifications. offers individual tools, or puts them all into kits to get you going on the way to brewing in no time at all.

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